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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Thank you duce....

These 2 smokers have been and still are a learning experience for me, I have pretty good knowledge of mods to 4 strokes and have done a good bit of tinkering with them over the years, not a pro at it by any means but I have built a few of them up to run pretty good, but the 2 smokers are a whole new ball game for me, its all trial and error for me on them and it seems to be more error than it is trial at times.LOL!

But I just keep tinkering, hoping to get just a tad more out of-em so I can pull the hills a bit better and get over that 40MPH hump that has eluded me thus far..........I have hit the 38 & 39 MPH mark but 40 hasn't been seen on my speedo yet...I do have one engine that is fixing to get the RT carb from Dax put on it and I have another head I'm gonna be shaving down to get the compression up on it also, I have already had the jug off and port matched intake, exhaust, and smoothed up the transfer ports fairly nice, not perfect but wat better than they were when I started for sure, this bike has a 34T sprocket on it so with all this work I'm gonna be pretty upset if I still cant get 40-42MPH out of it once I get this all done and get it tuned in good.

I have a bone stock 66cc with the little 6mm studs and the restrictive alum. intake that will hit 37MPH with a 41T sprocket and the bike is a heavy frame mountain bike from the early 90's and it has 1200 miles on it now, it vibrates to high heavon at that speed with the 41T sprocket but it will do it at will on flat ground, I dont really want to touch this engine because I'm afraid I'll mess it up and it might run worse instead of better........LOL

Thanks for the offer to walk me through the proccess you have done, I may just hit you up about that when I get a few other things squared away...


Originally Posted by ducedave View Post
maybe one of the kids phones will work if we can figure how to do that-not much to look at- as for the workmanship I'm convinced a more knowledgeable person could have gotten more performance out of it but I'm learning and it moves out nicely with a few oddities I hope to figure out in time.- if you wont to do one I'll walk you through it? it's just scary when taken as a hole but step by step it' vary do able- peace dude.
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