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Originally Posted by spacey View Post
Hey thanks Dave,
I've been thinking about moving the seat back. I've seen some folks here have done that mod. I can't visualize the clamp flip , I think the clamp is welded to the tube, I'll have to check that out . Either way it prevents mounting a gas tank behind the seat, not a big deal but way easier then fabricating a tank for between the top rails. I have to go with a 50 cc or under to be legal here in the corn/bible belt . Right now I'm just trying to find the fastest way to get on the road, save all the heavy mods for the winter.

I had the same trouble visualizing, but I asked and see he put up 3 pics. Novel idea.Thanks to all!

I have looked at my situation with the banana seat and if it goes too low at the seat posts I would have to slant the seat downward. I just thought having it level and just clearing the rear wheel will do for me. I have but not shown in my album of two pictures posted, an exhaust manifold that was to come out underneath the banana seat toward the back just above the rear wheel. You know thinking it would look cool. I know with the bend in the manifold it would cause a bit of back pressure robbing engine hp, but was going to do it anyway. Now I am probably going to run exhaust some other way and probably be fine with the about maybe an inch under the seat to clear the rear wheel. I am thinking that guards to prevent debris getting into the clearance space may be needed as it is for just off road. I would also think of a steel plate that attaches under the banana seat just in case.
No need to read on of a non-motor bike experience, but I think there is an analogy.
The safety ideas I felt necessary as from an experience in my car running over one of these eye bolts that trucks use to cable down loads. One just lying in the road when run over got under the driver side front wheel and skipped up and just at an angle right under the vehicle where the driver seat is. It had the threaded end of the foot and a half long bolt jam in a crevice under the vehicle and penetrate just through the outer metal shield and caulking between the outside of the floor board. At about 50mph the car, a Chevette, found a nick in the road to have the other end of the bolt jam into. The 45 degree angle allowed the forward movement of the car anchor as the best description I can give, lifted up the car just under where I was sitting just a few inches I suppose, but at an incredibly fast rate. I pulled over to the side of the road with sparks underneath with the bolt still intact. I pulled the thing out after it cooled. The caulking insulation was melting from the heat around where it stuck. Really there was not any damage to the vehicle, except slightly bent metal plates underneath vehicle where they fit together. But this experience got my attention to safety!

The album above has just two pictures, I have long not quite ape hangers, (cause they ends of the handles don't bend down, just outwards), to enable me to sit futher back from the engine and still reach the handle bars

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