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Default Re: The Violator is born!

Well sir, I appear to have ruffled your feathers without meaning to. I guess your idea of a board track racer and mine are quite a lot different. No, I don't think that something has to be a hundred percent, but when you look at a bike it should suggest on it's own what kind of "style" it is. I suspect that few would say your bike makes them think of a board track racer. But whatever. My comment was not meant as a criticism of your build, but as a suggestion of where to place the thread. Words have meanings all on their own. "Cafe Racer" suggests a certain kind of style and so does "Chopper" or "Stretch", and so does "Beach Cruiser" or "Rat Rod". Post where you want and call it a Harley look alike if you want to. I'm not the police around here and I did not ask moderators to move your thread. Peace...
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