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Default Re: The Violator is born!

Actually, I would call it a modern take on a boardie. Really, the only differences between my bike and a boardie are that a boardie has an in frame tank and a laid back seat, and if you want to get really technical, a drop-loop frame. And although the bike itself isn't vintage, it has quite a few parts that give it that vintage look. The leather seat, the handlebars, the pedals, the headlight, and the front fender all came off of a bike that was close to 40 years old. This bike may be new, but it definitely has a classic look to it. Something that is new and looks classic can be just as vintage as something that is old, if you give it the right look. So I'm gonna have to disagree with you and refuse to change my mind, silverbear. I am calling my bike a new school boardie, and that's how it is.
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