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Default Re: ????motor quality and cc????

Here is some of my experiences with various motors in the past year. Grubee 48cc Starefire Phantom Editon, 4 motors, all excellent. Grubee 58cc Starfire standard kit, NOT Phantom, 3 motors, 2 very problematic and 1 good overall. Raw motors 66cc, 3 motors, all excellent. ZB80 which is actually 66cc, had Flying Horse sticker as manufacturer, excellent motor. Wizard 80, actually 66cc from Five Flags, my absolute smoothest and fastest motor. I actually think that one was from Boy Go Fast by the obvious BGF lettering on the inside carton. To sum it up, the only real problem motors were 2 of the 3 Grubee Starfire. Hope this info is of some help to you.
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