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Default Re: New guy from Pittsburgh.

Regarding your recovery from cancer surgery... I think this motor bicycle activity is good medicine. Even without much pedaling it will get you out there and the best exercise of all is smiling a lot. I still after all these many miles of riding with a motor under me find myself tooling along with a smile on my face, being twelve again and sixty something all at the same time. Perfect.
I first got interested in a motor on my bike as a kid, like a whole lot of kids who dreamed of something real and not just playing cards on the spokes. My dad was not enthused with the idea so it did not happen until five or six years ago, when I was by then a grandpa. I had been having some health issues as the aftermath of being struck by lightning and surviving back in 1995. Then things took a turn for the worse when I developed Guillane Barre Syndrome which is a disease of the nervous system with effects like polio... which left me a kind of shuffling cripple and feeling pretty low. It was a struggle there for a couple of years, but I got somewhat stronger and started wondering if I could still ride a bicycle. I tried it and the balance part was OK, but didn't have enough sensation in my feel and lower leg strength to pedal far at all. So then I started thinking about a motor to help me... and many bicycles later and many motors come and gone with many new skills and friends which have come my way since due to this motor bicycling activity, here I am fooling with these things and riding as often as I can. It has been very good for me; good medicine for mind, body and spirit. May it be for you as well, sir. Good day. Having been dead and come back, every day I wake up is a good day. Ha!
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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