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Default Motorized Bikes are AWESOME! Why do people do this????

I've been working on my bike for over a month now, and damn I am really into this now!

Just about every day I ride it around town, and if I don't get the chance then i'll take it out after sunset. Not trying to sound weird by any standard, but god, when I get my bike rolling at 30mph its like "YEEEAAAHHH BAAAABBBBYYYY!!!"

I'll be having a good happy time, but then BAM, people drive by and flick me off and yell offensive things. Why do they do this?
-are they jealous that i can bend the street rules a little without getting caught?
-do they wish they had my bike?
-are they so happy for me that they can't hold themselvs back??
-is it some psychological thing, and they're confused that they've never seen such a "contraption"?
-do they truly hate me for trying to have fun and be a little different?
-do they think it's less cool than a moped? because it's not. i've been racing my friends mopeds a lot lately and they all lose!

I mean COME ON! Some people are serious moment-killers....
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