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Default Re: Where can I buy this clutch handle?

Originally Posted by biknut View Post
This isn't a matter of, doesn't work that good, or some other ones are better. The only thing that matters is if it works on the right, better than the others work on the right.

So far I haven't seen any clutch handles that work on the right, except maybe this one, nevermind how crappy it might work.
Coming from a guy who's ambidextrous (or some may say "mixed up"): I would say this, if you get the russian style from somebody then, yes, change the screws. I don't know where you'll get them anymore, but I wish you the best there.

Another option, if you like long handles and lots of travel, to make adjustments easier: like they mentioned, get that right-hand locking brake lever. Something tells me you might like it more that the Russian-style clutch lever.

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