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Default Re: ????motor quality and cc????

Originally Posted by racing fan View Post
is there a true 80cc kit out there?

i hear phantom makes a 58cc kit hows the quality on it?
is it really 58cc?
Phantom Edition Deluxe 2 Stroke 58cc Gas Engine Kit [2S-58CC-GENII-PH] - $229.99
Some of your questions I've answered under your other post "Good kit bad kit...". But I see different things here that I might be able to help with.

No, no 80cc. (though it WOULD be sweet!) The Chinese use different math/methods to figure displacement. The way we figure displacement here, we get 66cc.

I went to that site and checked that Phantom engine, and if you schroll down you'll see it seems to be a Grubee Starfire with a few extras. At this point, please refer to my other reply to your previous post "Good kit bad kit..".

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