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Default Re: Using Oil Jugs For Gas : No Opinions - Only Experience.

you are right Drewd there are many of the jugs that work just fine with gas, heck when I was a kid my dad kept gas in old bleach jugs all the time and they never got soft or melted.

I wasnt disputing you in any way and if it sounded like I was I appoligize it was unintended....


Originally Posted by Drewd View Post
I've been using those plastic RC fuel container which are the same containers for windshield washer fluid for over 12 years with NO problems or issues to include degradation of the container. In fact, I just mixed another batch fo 32:1 fuel today in one. I like using them because I add the oil to the container than fill up with gas and then cap it and shake it vigorously to mix the oil into the fuel.
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