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Default Re: What motor and where to order?

Three weeks ago.... I ordered an engine. I ordered late Friday night, and Monday I received an email saying they were gonna package it up and ship it. Be at my door in 3-5 business days. Awesome.

Three weeks of no emails or calls finally they called me!! Wow... Nice lady. Said they are going to ship it this coming Tuesday... I just want my motor... Don't order from Kings.

Now to answer your question. Last summer when my 66cc was starting to get really tired I let a friend who weighs 220 or so take it for a test ride. He made it up the REALLY steep hill in my driveway, and up and down the road just fine. Said he got it up to 28mph on a straight away, which, with a scored cyl wall and failing bearings was pretty good for that little motor.
You can always get a slightly bigger sprocket too.
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