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Default ????motor quality and cc????

i have been looking for another kit for a long time now i hear there are 48cc 55cc 58cc 66cc 70cc 80cc kits i see the 48cc all the time and the 80cc ones now i hear that grubee and others that make the 80cc ones over state the cc's and there 66cc rated or sold as 80cc engines is this true on all them

is there a true 80cc kit out there?

i hear phantom makes a 58cc kit hows the quality on it?
is it really 58cc?
Phantom Edition Deluxe 2 Stroke 58cc Gas Engine Kit [2S-58CC-GENII-PH] - $229.99

there are ones called jet motors and black stallion who makes them grubee???

who makes star fire motors grubee again???

i also see raw motors who makes them ????

i am compiling this data for myself and to post here for new/newer guys looking for a good kit doing research do they don't get ripped off
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