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Default Re: Noob From West TN

Hello nice post! I'm gonna get a Clairmont too! I was wondering about a few things:

1. Does the chain clear the rear fender on the Engine side? I looked and it seemed to cover the area where
the chain would run. If you have to cut it, what do you use? Hacksaw and steady nerves?

2. To reinforce the front fender I would tack weld a steel rod inside the v, and make a bent washer to reinforce the mount.
I also wonder if you just grab the supports and gently bend them in and out if you could harden them up like that. Like bending a
paperclip till it hardens up. How do you reinforce them??

3. I read in a post that you can wrap a old innertube around the motor mounts to reduce vibration. I wonder if using
a garden hose would be better? Anyone who built one think a garden hose would fit inside the motor clamp?
Clear pvc Tubing??.

I also saw some cool posts for bikes. Here is one with a custom gas tank that looks easy to build!!! Motorized Bicycle Forum - tatebikes's Album: Boardtrack inspired

Here is one that will make you drool!!! Motorized Bicycle Forum - Brent Merkley's Album: Not Just Another Whizzer
Looks like a Clairmont frame.

Anyone have a link to the Springer Forks for this bike??

Oh yeah and I saw this:
Sick Bike Parts LLC - Performance parts for your motorized bicycle Kit that makes it so you can use your stock shifter!!!! COOL!!!
Check out second video of him buzzing around in traffic!!!

Cool Bikes!!! Clairmonts look the best!!
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