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Default Re: Staton Robin Subaru crank shift kit

Originally Posted by MaxPower View Post
Here it is. It would be installed on my bike but I stupidly striped the threads on my crank. I'm having my local bike shop fix it. Word of wisdom when pulling cranks, be sure you thread the tool all the way in before using it. I'm retarded.
Also, make sure to check your new bearing cup holder threads before installing or they may strip if the cup threads have not been cut to full thread depth..........I had to clean mine up with a lathe skim cut.

And also check your chain ring assembly for concentricity runnout, mine had some wobble that had to be straightened by simply re-assembling the chain rings/freewheels/spacers on the production cranshaft before torquing.

I have over a thousand extreme off road miles on this kit/build setup and it is very solid, robust and near bullet proof for the hardiest requirements. Bike components like spokes, rims, and tires will fail before any on the kit stuff, if properly setup.

The only kit component breakage that I have faced is a shattered carberator manifold that happened while tumbling down a creek bed that I thought I could jump but didnt quite make.............Don
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