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Default Re: Darn stubby legs ...

Originally Posted by DaveM View Post
Hi, I have a 26" Cruiser with a modified seat post, I cut the post at 40 degrees had it welded back together to make a right angle at 80 degrees, I also turned the seat post clamp upside down these mods move the seat back and a lot lower. I started at 90 degrees but the back of the seat was too low compared to the front. My Cruiser measures from the ground to seat at 30 inches. My neighbor's 7 year old lad can just touch the ground. I chose a Grubee Skyhawk gt-5 because my steel frame Cruiser has an oversize front down tube and the front motor bolted straight in, I just had to lengthen the rear mount and mounting studs. I hope this helps!
Question / help request from Measure Twice

Is there a picture to help me see what I might try doing the same?

Here to, since I have a banana seat to allow to be able to sit further back, then my legs are not strattling the motor as much, but this had me get handle bars that are long so I don't huch forward. Then I had found that if I use the banana seat I can't have it as low as a regular seat, due to the rear wheel underneath.

I may have to wear clogs
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