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Default Re: The Violator is born!

Its funny, I have ended up on the ground twice on an MB. The first time was semi-serious. I sideswiped a lady in an SUV who didn't have her turn signal on. Went to the ER, but really just had a banged up leg and a few scrapes. Nothing broken, no stitches. The second time was hardly nothing, laid the bike down turning into a parking lot after a rain. Bruised knee was the only injury I sustained that day. Mostly it just shook me up. After the first wreck, I would be up half the night, sick to my stomach worrying that I was gonna wreck again. But no matter how scared I was, it never kept me off my bike for a second. Because I'm a man, and when its time to strap up and ride, my ass is strapped up and ready to ride.
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