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Default Re: Finally built it but one problem

generally i'd say you want the top run to be semi snug, and the bottom to be kinda saggy, many people advised me not to use a half link, so i didn't, just passing"tug nuts", helps with keeping tires (and getting em this way) nice and straight, and chains nice and snug.

most bicycle shops have at least one brand in stock, about $20 a set. get your wheel in place, the bike side chain on, pull it back by hand, put the tug nuts on, tighten it with the tug nuts (i really do love the red line brand of em,highly recommend them) until the bicycle chain is nice and tight. tighten the wheel down and now it's time to get your drive side done. don't connect the chain fully around the teeth. pull the top run, then bring the chain to the side, and connect the master link, now roll the bike backwards and it will seat the chain. if the chain is nice and tight, it's too tight for when it comes time to put on the tensioner, add another link, if the chains too tight its more likely to snap, and you wont be able to use the tensioner to adjust it.

heres a pic of my bike and the tug nuts. if for what ever reason no bike shop in your area sells them let me know, you can paypal me about $21 and i'll pick a pair up and ship em out (or you can order em online yourself, whichever you prefer)

wish you were near by cause i'm sure we could figure this thing out in an hour if you were.
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