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Default Re: Finally built it but one problem

Well, where do I start. Swapped the curved tensioner bracket that came stock with the kit with the flat "t" bracket and it solved the loose tensioner problem. The thing was on there solidly. Instead of bending/twisting the tensioner arm to align the pulley I said "let's see if I took up the slack on the chain enough". So I started the engine and engaged the clutch and within seconds the pulley was ripped to shreds and the tensioner arm almost tore up my spokes. So I removed the broken tensioner and decided to shorten my chain as that was my only option remaining since I was without a tensioner. It felt a little tight when I was done but I figured it would loosen after being run for a while. So I started her up again and engaged the clutch. Just as fast if not faster the chain came flying off. Busted my master link. Lost one of the pins that held it in place. So now I have a non-working drivetrain. I ordered parts to start again. Got a new tensioner-the one with four bolts. Ordered a new master link as well as a half link. My plan when I get the stuff in the mail is to install the half link first. See what the chain feels like. Before I removed the links, when I still had a tensioner, the chain was really loose. When I removed the links to shorten the chain after the tensioner busted it was extremely tight. So I'm thinking the half link will put it at a useable length. We'll see. Anyone have a suggestion for how I can tell if I have the chain at the right tension? (i.e. no tensioner - chaain not too tight as to bust and not too loose as to derail?)
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