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Default Re: Using Oil Jugs For Gas : No Opinions - Only Experience.

The plastic jugs & bottles you speak of here for RC fuels contain a mixture of mostly Methynol ( Wood Alcohol ) 5-30% Nitro Methane & oil (Synthetic and Castor oil mixed typically @ 12-20%) for planes and land vehicles.

These Chemicals wont affect plastic like gasoline will if the plastic is the wrong type so be careful using some plastic bottles and be sure they are vented when putting gasoline in them in my opinion, Alcohol doesnt build up the pressure in a container like gas does, I know many use all sorts of ways to store a bit of extra fuel and that is fine as long as the container is a safe one.

I buy my RC Fuel in 1 gal, square steel cans (PowerMaster) brand because over time the Nitro methane will evaporate out of the plastic jugs, I plan to make me a 1 Gal fuel tank from one of the cans when I get the time, I'm not gonna haul gas around on my bike in a plastic jug, it may be OK but I dont feel good about doing it so I will stay with either Alum. or steel containers myself.


Originally Posted by Drewd View Post
for large fuel storage of pre-mixed fuel, i use one gallon plastic bottles that are commonly used for windshield washer fluid. these are the same containers that model airplane fuel is sold in.

i use seafoam metal containers for smaller storage that fits into my bike bag.

you can also hang around a hobby shop and find someone who buys model truck/car fuel by the quart. these quart size bottles are perfect for needing fuel storage on the road.

warning; the plastic bottles are not vented so you should keep them out of direct sunlight or store in areas where they get heated. i have stored them in direct sun as a test with no issues but better safe than sorry.
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