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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

While riding home from work, my engine drive chain grabbed my pants cuff for a second, shredded it a bit, then released. It was like a shark's warning nip; the next bite would grab hold, then throw me off the bike and kill me.

Death is my co-pilot.

When riding an motorized bicycle with a shift kit, I try to remember to downshift before coming to a complete stop. If not, the cassette would stay in whichever gear I was in last. When my engine was idling low enough to disengage the centrifugal clutch, I'd manually downshift and pedal before coming to a complete stop. Now that my engine idle is high, the clutch is slightly engaged at idle. Thus, while coasting to a stop, both chains are moving. I just downshift and the chain smoothly shifts into gear.

Previously, I would always powershift after releasing the throttle a bit. I imagine that takes a toll on the chain and gears, but makes for a smoother power transition. Now I completely release the throttle, then shift gears. I guess it's easier on the chain & derailleur mesh, especially since the fast idle helps. Power transfer is more brutal now, so I have to be sure I'm hanging on tightly to the handlebar.

The two front mounting bolts and fittings on my new Avenir rear rack unloosened and fell off during my ride. The only thing keeping my rack from pivoting rearward and contacting my tire was the engine's rubber fuel hose(I have my 4-liter HT fuel tank mounted on the rear rack). The rack pivoted back six inches and the fuel line kept it from moving any more. Luckily, the front support rods did not fall into the spokes, or there would've been a horrific accident. I used a 1/4" nylon tiewrap to secure the front of the rack until I could ride to the bike shop. They didn't have any spare parts, so I was forced to buy another rack to replace tghe missing mounting pieces. If the owner can order the pieces I need, then he said he's allow me to return that second rack. In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out how to fab those pieces. If they can't order those missing pieces, I'm stuck with buying that second rack for those missing rack mount pieces.

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