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Default Re: tube with slime VS tubeless with Stan's

I run with about 6 or more ounces of the stuff in my balloon tires never had a balance issue ever. I run about this much on all my tires. Been using the stuff for over three decades on all my bicycles. Morini tested to 50 mph to boot! Straight as a whistle on 26x2.7 and 24x3.0 tires never ever had a balance issue. Smooth as it gets..

If a tire is out of round or a rim is out of kelter no balancing is ever gonna help. Just like cars they condemn and replace those. They will tell you the tire is separating or something to that effect.

Preslimed tubes will come with mebbe one ounce of slime in them. Better a paper thin tube as well Expect a flat tire..

I use 2.5 mm wall thickness type tube or thicker. The heavy duty kind. With the amount of product I install I get no flats period. Works just as good as stan's in my opinion. I have a astronomical amount of Goathead stickers here. I pulled nails out that did not make it to the rim of course and road another 12000 miles. Pay attention to those stan's videos he puts hella more than one ounce in there..
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