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Default Re: First Build - Cranbrook - Jet 66cc

Originally Posted by Ruby478 View Post
i use a cranbrook too good frame just check the welds....... a straight springer fork is very smooth ride but a bent springer is a bit harder to use when making sharp turns
Originally Posted by Greg58 View Post
Its a good idea to check inside the muffler for welding spatter and remove it with a die grinder if you have one, read all the tips in the classic posts as they will help. Port matching helps a-lot, the quality control or the lack of is the cause.
Thanks for the tips guys, I need to round up some tools like a die grinder very soon, I don't have much of a workshop, but I do have an empty shed that I just built a work table out of an old door and scrap wood that I would like to set up for small jobs xD
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