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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by retromike3 View Post
Put some grease on my internal gears and broke my ground wire that was hooked to the other side of the housing. so I had to rewire it. Then I took it for a test ride and found out that my NT carb had a problem with the float valve and it dumped gas all over the next doors neighbors driveway. Lucy for me it was hot out and it evaporated. Then I took the bike for a ride around the block and forgot that I left my cheep 10mm wrench on my rear rack. I heard a "clink" but by the time I got home it was long gone. Walked around the block looking for it but no luck.

On the good side a old buddy of mine gave me a Columbus stainless steel tube set and about a half ounce of 40/60 nickel silver to put t together with. I fond out that today its worth over six hundred bucks.

Ya lose some, Ya win some!

My NT did that. There's the obvious, there's crap in there holding it open. Or, the issue I had.
Take the needle out, and the tube that the needle seats into.
When you look at the needle it will probably have a groove worn into it from the seat, that's why it's leaking.
Put the needle in a drill and spin it on sandpaper to smooth the needle out again, I went up to 2000, because that's what I had. Got it all shiny again.

Then to address the seat. The needle is (apparently) softer than the seat because the seat wears grooves into the needle. Looking into the seat you see a sharp edge, I took a small dremel bit with taper on the end to the seat to make it tapered rather than a sharp edge.

This mod worked great for me! I still had other issues with the NT afterwards, but sporadically leaking all over the place was off the list.

After you do this, you've essentially raised the float level, so you may have to drop the float afterwards.
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