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Default Re: confused about spark plug cables

The carbon core wire you got from Auto Zone will work just fine the way it is. There is really no reason to mess around with swapping the end terminal from the new wire onto the factory copper core wire.
Yes, as 2door stated, "Copper core wire is better than resistance wire for our little engines."
That would be for high performance applications.

I mean no offense towards 2door.

I can attest that it won't be enough of a difference for you to really notice.
At best, staying with copper core, the engine may be a little easier to start on a freezing cold morning, but you won't see a serious power loss by switching.
From an electronic perspective, carbon core wire helps protect the CDI box from transient voltages that naturally occur in a spark induced ignition system. A carbon core wire will actually help the CDI box last a little bit longer.

The biggest reason why copper core wire is used by the factory is it is cheaper for them to buy than carbon core wire.
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