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Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
and I have gone to 80:1 Opti 2 now and my engine run even better than they did at 70:1 before with zero smoke after they are warmed up.
Why are you running Opti-2 at 70 to 1 and 80 to 1?
Mix it at 100 to 1 just like Interlube recommends.

I have ridden 2 of Baird's 100 to 1 66 cc two stroke bikes and they are
some of the fastest and cleanest bike ever. Lots of miles on them too.
GPSed one at 54 mph with a 28 tooth rear sprocket!

Opti 2 really works and the next 2 stroke I build is getting 100 to 1 Opti
from mile one. It will be broken in using their recommended technique.

It was going to be my secret weapon with the 4 strokes too but seeing
that Opti-4 is sponsoring the race at Willow Springs the secret is no more!
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