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The damage shown in those photos is NOT a result of under-lubrication. Something was injested into that engine or a piece broke off and damaged that piston and cylinder wall. It was not a lack of oil.
I'm the other guy that Bairdco is talking about that had bad results with an old engine that for some reason did not like Opti-2. Every other engine I've had has thrived on the stuff from break-in to several hundred miles with absolutely no carbon build up, no fouled plugs, no stinky, oily exhaust, no messy rear wheels/shoes and certainly no catastrophic engine failures.
Just to clear the air, my engines all come from dax. He is constantly warning me that my engines are going to fail...yeah? When, Duane? My oldest engine, bought from you is going on three years old...when's it going to blow? You know how good it runs. You couldn't get away from me with one of your racing engines

The skeptics cry and moan and wring their hands and warn against using this product but they have never tried it. "Oh, I have a million gallons of another brand and it's better". What a lame excuse. The non-believers can dis Opti-2 all they want. I know what works and so do many others, especially experienced builders who put lots of miles on their bikes.
I've said this before and this will be the last time. If you don't want to use it...DON"T. but if you want the best lubrication for your 2 stroke engine, switch and you'll never go back to the other stuff.

And I mix it @ 100:1
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