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Originally Posted by thatsdax View Post
do not do it. There is no reason to do it. It saves you little or nothing by doing it. Mix 32:1. 40:1 would be the most lean I would ever recommend running these days.. 50:1 days seem to be gone with all these new green oils.
there's 53 pages to this thread and over 500 posts. out of all these posts, the only negative ones are from people who've never tried it.

two people (i'm one of them) had performance problems after switching an old, broken-in motor to opti-2 (switched back and that motor's still on the road after 2+ years.)

there's not one documented case of Opti 2 causing any damage to a motor, and if you go beyond motorbike forums and look at other 2 stroke sites (lawn and garden, tractor, chainsaw, etc) you'll find the same positive results.

Duane, you refuse to honor warranties if your customers use opti 2, and that's your right, but since you have no experience with it, you're in no position to condemn it.

there are many, many experienced builders here who, after using opti 2, will never go back to conventional oils. all it takes is one tank to convince just about anyone.

when i first tried it over 2 years ago, i was a little scared, and since then i've put about 10,000 miles on that first engine, still use it on my race bike, ride it almost daily, and punish the heck out of it. i'll be running that same engine at the Willow Race.

after the last Death Race (where my 2 year old motor place 2nd in the china class) i pulled the head, and there's still NO carbon build up, NO blow-by on the rings, the cylinder walls still look brand new, and the bike is still as fast as ever.

there's also no messy oily leakage from my air filter, no smoke, and no smell.

i know there's some people out there considering Opti 2 for the first time, and to them, i ask, who's advice are you gonna take? mine, and all the people who use it and can provide hard facts proving what an excellent product it is?

or someone who's never tried it, won't try it, and denounces it as bad without having any experience with it?

you make the choice...
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