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Smile Re: engine siezed - fix or replace?

Originally Posted by Drewd View Post
what were the engine operation parameters when it seized? did you warm up engine a little before going to full throttle-2 strokes can cold seize.

how much oil mixture ratio and what type are you using? i strongly recommend 32:1 using klotz supertechniplate or maxima more or less for now.

pull the head and check to see that the pins in the cylinder that prevent ring rotation are secure...sometimes they pop out and get spit out the exhaust and then the rings rotate and catch on a port.

some more info would be appreciated. also check idle mixture by starting engine then closing the fuel valve and see how much it speeds up. it shold speed up 200-300 rpm just before it dies...if it sounds like it is speeding up a lot you are too rich and if it speeds up or doesn't speed up at all you may wish to lower the e-clip on the needle valve one notch to richen the mixture.

Hi Drewd , thanks for the tips. Unfortunately I didn't warm it up yesterday I just started to go. Usually I warm it up for a little bit . Also , I wanted to make sure the engine was getting lubed really well so there is a lot more oil than normal in there right now causing plenty of white smoke and a slower response with the engine power. I will have to pull the head again. I also noticed that the nut that holds the large gear in place is cracked and needs to be replaced and the large gear wiggles more than it probable should ... at first I thought it was a bearing but now I don't think it is ... the oil I am using it synthetic 2 stroke oil from Home Depot by the chainsaws. I'm actually going to switch to Opti-2 if I can get it running again... I'm on a huge budget right now , so whatever happens , I have to do it myself lol , all advise and tips are welcome though
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