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Default Schwinn Landmark Cruiser build

Hereís some thoughts on my first build. Thanks to this forum I finally decided to build my project on the cruiser which I purchased at Wal-Mart, since it had a steel frame, 7 speed derailleur, and front and rear brakes.

First, I got a 49cc kit from BikeBerry with the thought of mounting it on either my old Cannondale road bike or my Trek 7200 mountain bike, but the Cannondale rides too nicely to beat up with a engine kit and the Trekís down tube was a ľ inch too big for the rear engine mount. Therefore the new cruiser got the treatment.

It was pretty close to plug n play, all I needed was a universal front mount from Sick Bike While I was ordering parts I also got a dual brake lever, which was necessary to have both brakes operational after I replaced the right brake lever with the clutch lever, and the replacement engine bolt kit, to replace the soft china hardware.

I removed both fenders even though they are chrome and add to the cruiser look, because of concerns noted elsewhere in this forum about their unsafe nature in their stock form. I hope to remount them once they are modified, but in my hurry to get this project running they are low priority for now.

Some thoughts to help anyone else building their first bike:

First of all, work in an area where you can find dropped nuts/bolts/etc! Iíve spent several $$ at my local hardware store replacing lost hardwareÖ the worst loss was the clutch cable clamp, which the little spring on the cable launched like a small missile into never-never land.

Second, remove that small spring if your clutch pulls extremely hard!

Third, I replaced the stock china drive chain with a 415 chain which I purchased from my local tractor supply store. $15 for ten-foot length of chain and a connector link was the best $$ Iíve spent on the whole project!

The stock chain is a joke, throw it away. I broke mine just peddling the bike to check everything out prior to attempting to start it for the first time. It was brittle, and the 415ís a little wider, which gave me some help with my drive-to-driven sprocket alignment.

Fourth, donít be afraid of that CNS carb! To get mine running well on the 20-to-1 break in gas oil mix, I had to move the clip on the tapered rod down (richer) two positions. I will have to readjust once I go to 32-to-1 ratio, but as little gas as these use, I figure itíll be a month at least before I go through a gallon.

I really love riding this cruiser and canít wait to get it broken in! I think my next purchase is going to be a rear view mirror for safetyís sake.

I want to thank all of you who make up this forum for all the information you post, otherwise I never would have gotten the courage to build this project!
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