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Default First Build - Cranbrook - Jet 66cc

Hi everyone! I have the bike in hand and am now waiting on parts (WOO-HOO)! I ended up spending more than I planned to at first (of course) but I wanted to get a good start and thought the custom sprocket adapter was worth the premium. I will be posting pics as I progress, right now I am working on tearing the bike down to make sure everything is greased / put together properly and to do a repaint. In the meantime I thought it might be a helpful to others if I posted my purchase / cost breakdown so far. I also will appreciate any suggestions on anything I am missing! So here goes:


1 x Mens 26" Huffy Cranbrook (bought locally) $89.97
Sales Tax (9.75%) $8.77
Total $98.74

2 x 26" Brake Kit Front or Rear - Silver $39.98
1 x Bullet LED Head Light - Black $29.99
1 x Silver Jet 80 Standard Angle Fire Bicycle Engine Kit $169.99
1 x Baby Bee Tail Light - Red $8.99
Shipping - UPS Ground $52.27
Total $301.22

sportscarpat here on the forum

1 x Sprocket Adapter and 40 tooth Sprocket $80.00
Shipping - UPS Ground $10.50
Total $90.50

1 x Brake Lever - Dual Pull (SBP-BL021) $11.99
1 x Filter - FUEL (SBP-FF006) $4.95
1 x Engine Hardware Kit (SBP-EH020) $9.95
1 x Valve - FUEL (SBP-FV007) $9.95
1 x Plug Wire - High Performance (SBP-PW018) $6.49
1 x NGK B6HS Spark Plug (SBP-SP6HS) $2.49
1 x Kill Rocker Switch (SBPKS-001) $4.49
Shipping $11.00
Total $61.31

Grand Total $551.77

Thanks to everyone who has given me advice and posted so much useful info on the forum!
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