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Default Re: Noob From West TN

Originally Posted by crazymike View Post
I may go for a model with coaster brakes then so I can use the billet sprocket adapter and not mount to the spokes then. Was I right about not being able to use that type of adapter on a bike with gears?

Thanks for replying!

Welcome to the forum from Dallas.

The MM hub adapter comes in a couple of sizes. One for coaster brakes, and there's another one for 3 speed hubs.

If you're not going racing the stock wheels will be alright. One way to improve them a little without much cost is to have the stock wheel trued and all the spokes tightened. If you take it to a bike shop expect to pay about $18-25 a wheel. The rear wheel benefits the most.

It's a good idea to take the hub apart and grease it with synthetic grease. For the first few hundred miles keep a close eye on the bearing end play. The bearings will losen up a lot at first.

My bike only has a coaster brake, and I'm not having any problems, but I'm a very experienced rider.
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