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Default Re: Cranbrooke 1st Build

In my shop I have my 23rd and my 24th cranbrook in progress (every one wants me to build them a cranboob), So I would like to think I know a thing or 2 about crannys. A few words of wisdom for you. Its true, the fenders WILL fail and it wont take long, I have had more then a few fail on me in my early builds, sometimes it just ruins the fenders, sometimes it will lock the tire and toss you off, a simple fix? heavy duty zip ties, I have used 2 in a criss cross pattern ( under the fender and through the mounting hole on the frame), its a super cheap fix and actualy looks pretty good, welding would be the better way to go though. also, the brake arm band will snap on these bikes, I have snapped a brake arm band going just 16mph. You really should upgrade to calipers or disks, but if your on a budget, make a better band, I bent a heavy piece of steel bracket for a few of mine. there are a ton of other little things that will fail on these bikes, but nothing else that will kill you that I know of, lol, enjoy!
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