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Default smoke coming from magnito?

my girlfriends spooky tooth bike just all of a suddin just lost a bunch of power. it idles great, reves up ok but with a load on it it just wont get up and go. was running fine before.
so i cleaned the carb, and air filter. replaced the fuel filter, even took the head off to see if there was any marks on the walls. all looks good. when i started it it was still doing the same thing. I did notice puffs of smoke coming from the magnito hole where all the wires come out. Is the magnito buning up? could this be the problem? i took the cover off i did not see any oil or anything coming from the seal. all clean. could the magnito be whats causing this bike to run so poorly just like that?
has anyone ever had this "smoke thing" happen to them?
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