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Default Re: Clutch Pucks upgraded anyone?

LOL...!!!! If those scissors you have are real..........big and powered by Hydraulics you might just be able to chop that material up with-em...!

Nothing at all wrong with your idea of how you could get some made up I'm sure, I haven't tried using a cutoff wheel to cut friction material but it might work OK, I have shaped it on a grinding wheel but not a belt sander, I know the sander would work though, It may destroy the grit on the paper pretty quick but I could be wrong on that, it's pretty amazing how destructive the friction material is on things when you force something to slip against it, I think the extreme heat that is produced ( friction ) is the problem.....LOL!

All in good fun GearNut.......Hee Haw..........!

And nothing wrong with supporting Mcmastercarr, they have good stuff that is hard to get anywhere else, some is a bit pricey but, that what happens with the specialty stuff everywhere we find it......


Originally Posted by GearNut View Post
Aww! You mean I can't cut it with scissors?

That's a joke man. You know, a funny haha.
I was considering rough shaping them with a dremel cut off wheel and finishing them with a belt sander. I will wait though for you to come up with a price on yours first. If the price is within my budget, you bet I would support your efforts before supporting McMaster Carr.
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