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Default Re: Noob From West TN

Originally Posted by Dave31 View Post
Welcome to the forum, glad you joined us.

I never had a problem with coaster brakes used them for years. I think if you do the proper maintenance you should have no problem. But I would recommend having a front brake as well with a coaster brake.

Wheels? Thats one thing I go thru faster then anything else. Its actually haunts me on some of my bikes; others not so much.

Most kits come with a 44t sprocket, moderate top speed and plenty of low end. If you really want to keep the speeds down and have some step hills a 50t will work just fine as well. 40-41t seemed to be the perfect all around gearing for some. Right now I am running a 36t on my Mt Bike. I like it, gives me plenty of top speed and if I need a little lower end I can always pedal.
I may go for a model with coaster brakes then so I can use the billet sprocket adapter and not mount to the spokes then. Was I right about not being able to use that type of adapter on a bike with gears?

Thanks for replying!

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