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Default Re: Need advice tuning PHBG carby

Sorry the cut-away is on the air filter side and yes that link is for my carby.

Yeah I studied the tuners handbook from Dellorto and was wondering about the atomiser. I think it has got the 4-stroke type which is no good, I guess I'll have to block some up.

By the way Quick Steel epoxy putty seems to hold up under constant fuel and sticks to metal well I have had success bogging up jets with this stuff.

I ran it with the jet from the stock carby first and it was rich as **** which is why I have gone so small. I'm guessing 0.50mm. I feel the jetting is nearly there I'm going with the advice on the pin. I noticed that the clip is too wide to fit in the indentation on the slide so it is out 1mm further than it should be. I am going to drill into the slide a bit and then top the clip with a washer so I can get another couple of settings leaner.

If this fails then it looks like I might be bogging my atomizer holes.
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