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Default MTB turned angular Cruiser/Chopper?

Started on my HF build today and just spent a few minutes trying to picture what I want it to look like. I'm not sure what you'd call it. It will be minimalistic, angular, not all about style without purpose, and comfy(relatively) at the same time.

Frankencruiser, I guess is what I'll call it.

What I started with, only mine was/is black. I like black.

The plan so far. The seat is already that low or close. Hard to know as I used a generic Google pic for these images. Keeping with 26" wheels, but upgraded ones and the fork will be custom(or that's the plan ATM)

Real pics of progress when I get some. The crude line art is just to see what angles I want, but if you have an imagination it's something.

EDIT: The dark circle shows the pedal circle if you were wondering.
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