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Hi guys, been absorbing the forum for a couple days now and can't believe some of the bikes you put together!

I started out with all this a few days ago looking at electric bike motors (on a whim on ebay) and ran across a gas bike motor. After one or two general searches ended up here I am definitely already hooked into doing this but have finally hit a point where I think I need some advice.

As of early yesterday I had settled on using this bike for my first build because it is one of the few cruisers I have seen that has caliper brakes instead of a coaster brake.

Schwinn Clairmont

I may be incorrectly thinking that a coaster brake is the cause of most rear hub failures, is this so?

Would I be better off using a bike like the del mar that has a coaster brake so I can use the billet sprocket attachment instead of the one that squeezes the spokes? My understanding is that the bike I have chosen will not be able to use the billet sprocket adapter because It is a geared bike, I could be wrong.

I have also met some confusion on the engines. I am down to this one I think (I am aware of the 49cc law):

Jet 66cc

From what I have read on the forum here it seems that the NT carb is the one to go with for simplicity instead of the newer carb. Is that a mistake? The Jet engine has received some big thumbs up from a few on here but others say they prefer the Grubee engines. Any advice on the best engine to pick will be greatly appreciated!

Another concern that I have is about using the stock rims on the bike I am looking at. I primarily want to use the bike to cruise along in the 20 something MPH range and don't have much interest in making my bike break the sound barrier. I do not want to set myself up to get injured (now that I have read on the forum about the fenders, I fear for the kids putting videos on youtube and have even warned a couple) will it be a big mistake to run the stock rims for a while?

Where I live it is not very hilly at all but do not want any trouble taking a small hill here and there, what sprocket should I be looking at to pair with the engine?

Thanks for any advice and help given, after reading the forum for 2 days I feel like I know some of you already and have already helped me so much!
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