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Default new builder in milwaukee has tech ???

hellow all.
first time poster here. After a quick 5 hour build ( rough fit ) the bike fired right off the bat the very first try. Seems to run like a dream. No smoke even with the heavy break in mix. Replaced all hardware on motor except head bolts. That stuff really sucked. I rather have allen key bolts with locktight over the soft screw head stuff. I got a 27 tooth sprocket fron Kings. this is a great product. I did find machineing it to half the thickness at the disc brake mount point helped with chain alinment and frame clearance. The chain idler sucks and it will replaced soon with a spring loaded idler sprocket. I hope this will make quick and ez removal of rear wheel. I have already caused a pinch flat on the rear in the first 10 miles of rideing. Me and the bike together weight about 310 lb. This moveing at around 30 ish mph on a hard tail is a little much for bike tires. Im looking into options to fix this. Any sugestions would be great. I plan to move to a susspension seat post. Also a Mavic tire that will run over 100 psi. The other issues i am haveing is with the excess of stuff on the handel bar. I have a duel pull break handel on the way from olympic bike supply to help this a bit. I am still looking for a quality thumb throttel to get rid of the poor plastic twist throttel. If you know of one that does not cost an arm and a leg let me know.

Now for the one big problem i cant figure out. The engine under load is makeing a high pitch squeeling sound. I have tryed a few cluch ajustments that have not helped. To me it sounds like bearings or the clutch. It only showes up in the top 1/3 of of the rpm range. If the motor is reved out with the clutch in it sounds fine. I also suspected the chain line to be a possability, but after geting the chain angle with in 2 degrees of being completly straight i no longer thik this is it. If any one has ideas on this please let me know.

So far top speed is 38 mph. I will be back with dyno info soon. F.Y.I if you have a Iphone or Ipod touch you can get very good dyno info on your ride. I will also have data on watt output all the way from dead stop to top end.

once again hellow to every one. I am looking forward to any feedback or questions you may have
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