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Default Re: Westport build ....

... it's not a good idea . My feet hit the front wheel on really tight turns unless I was peddling on my tip-toes .It feels like it rolls better also. It's nice to have a front suspension and break so I'll put up with the look until I can afford a springer .

Think I'm done with mod/repairs on the bike its self . Rebuilt the rear hub,
Modified the back mount center stand, changed forks and lowered the seat and moved it back about 4".

I lowered the seat by cutting off one side of a bmx handlebar, flattened out the offset, hammered a flat spot on the backside of the curve and bent it 90 degrees. You're left with a 90 degree pipe with an upsweep on the seat end. Slide it into the down tube and bend it till it hits the tube clamp. Remove tube clamp bolt and seat mounting hardware and reassemble with the seat over the new tube. Yes, it's funky but the seat covers it up.

I'll start replacing engine studs tomorrow.
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