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Default Re: Something new and kinda sorta 100 years old looking

Originally Posted by bchowk View Post
You have quadrupled my understanding of steam in a day (maybe not saying much but thanks anyway) Makes a ton of sense that the valve is opening before TDC. Is it building up enough pressure to stop the piston cold, you think? would explain that metalic clunking noise you described, pistons slamming into an imovable smash valve? Seems like the Dudes online are running larger flywheels at MUCH lower PSI. I wonder if hooking up the jackshaft and getting some momentum on that upstroke would do the trick or dropping the PSI and ramping up slower perhaps?

Really looking forward to that beautiful thing running....

I like the electric starter/drill idea. Not sure my drill could handle that, though. Also the idea of hooking up the jackshaft, dropping the clutch and spinning the rear wheel sounds good. Yeah, and maybe try kicking it over at lower psi. I'm from the, "if 20psi works, 1,000psi would have to REALLY work" school! Not that that makes any sense. Stanley Steamers ran at 400psi I think.

Oh, the "clunking" issue is gone. It was hydro lock as someone on here suggested. Once I installed the dump valve at the head I could drain of excess water until pure steam flowed. That took care of it.

I do appreciate all of the suggestions.
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