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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Last night i used the app called: My Tracks to track my mileage, minimum speed, max speed etc. and I went 3.59 miles My max speed was 25.09 but that wasn't my fastest. My bike goes so fast at anything above half throttle i don't want to test it cuz if something breaks or snaps...there wont be much left of me or my bike once i stop tumbling and rolling down the road. I think my engine will go about 28-30mph wide open. I went 3.59 miles in a total time of 14:30 minutes. Moving time was 13:30. I was just going around my neighborhood though. My average speed is 15.90mph. Thats my speed with no throttle just cruising around without giving it any throttle. For a mountain bike, thats darn good!!!!! It rides good. It takes any bumps real good. I'm always afraid it'll break the mounts but so far its held up. I only have maybe 1/8th of a tank when i started, and When i finished, the tank was empty. Thats cuz my intake leaks. I'm waiting for my billet intake from pirate to get here. uhhh it was the quickest shipping(2day)cuz with the intake u get free shipping with whatever shipping method u choose. It should be here today, cuz today makes 3 days. It better be at my house when i get home tonight at 545...or i'll be pissed....I'm tired of my carb leaking. Once i get the intake, all will be weill(or atleast i hope).
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