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Cool Re: About to make my first fuel tank

I must concur with Barely here.....any welding on any steel would toast any paint period. Painting the inside of a gas good. Even the Kreem I used to line the inside of my aluminum top tube tank is feeling the effects of ethanol....that stuff is hard on any type of rubber or elastomeric materials so it seems. I would suggest an epoxy type resin for lining a tank and that stuff is rather expensive.

Just leave it bare metal like most tanks in most vehicles and if you have a 2-stroke and are mixing the oil in your gas you have even less to worry about.....just do it and run a good fuel filter.

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
TBH I never lined this tank: and ofc the stock ones aren't lined either & as I use them frequently the fuel/oil mix keeps them completely corrosion free... So, if yer tryin' to save a few bucks on a bike yer gonna use ya can skip lining 'em and just check them frm time to time.

I figure if rust ever does start to become a problem I'll clean it then *shrug* I will say if I were to build a show bike that sat most of the time I would most likely line the tank as an unlined, dry steel tank would no doubt rust w/a quickness

For storage of a dry, unlined tank, ofc ya can jus' hit the inside w/some WD40 or w/e...
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