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Default Re: Metal throttle grip mount?

Originally Posted by hotbug1776 View Post
In regards to modifying the "L" on the cable, what size die did you use? I'm planning on modifying my cable and am going to purchase the needed tools this week.
I'd have to go out to the shed and look. I hope it's the same one that's still mounted in the handle (should be). Dang nab it! And I knew somebody would ask.

Checking back. Went out there and, oops, nothing in there. I usually just leave the die in there after I cut threads, but for some reason, this time I took it out. I suppose I could unscrew the throttle mount and check. Or, if you don't want to wait on me doing that, just take the mount with you when you go to buy tools. Most hardware stores have little nut-and-bolt gauges on the wall near the nuts and bolts. Just screw it onto a bolt end that fits. That'll give you the sze and pitch you need.

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