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Lightbulb need some adivce and input on morini build

Hello everyone.

Here`s the thing I have never ridden one of these motorised bicycles yet but in the morning my buddy is gonna help me build one with chinese kit.

I got a 20 inch alloy frame 18 speeding mountain bike with front shocks and front disc barkes.

Had I know about these morini engines I would have gone that route as it seems these chinese engines dont last as my buddy has blown up several engines within 2 yrs but he rides like nut...72kms top speed so far.
Then I delved more into modding it with carbs, exaust, plugs, CDI, ignition coils and damn it adds up fast.

After hearing about this now I wanna do a morini build.

I already know which motor I wana use.....s6s 9.4

Pro Circuit Exhaust Platinum Pipe for Kawasaki KX65 / Suzuki RM65 02-07

I believe I can use the same trottle and kill switch which comes with the HT engine (feel free to correct me if am wrong)

Same gas tank

I know I need a 415 chain.

Now what I dont know about is engine mounts and sprockets (like quality parts)

My riding style would be only crusing on paved flat surfaces (I live in Winnipeg
and we have no hills here at all) and would be looking to keep speeds at 7-30 mph tops.

Am 6`2 240 lbs

BTW all The stuff I said I know about.....its all because of reading your post for the past 3 weeks so thank YOU ALL.

Hope to hear from you guys and what u think would be the best route on parts and the build.
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