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Default About to make my first fuel tank

Im building a fuel tank for my Villers beach cruiser. Ive been looking for steel for a while but didnt want to pay the ridiculous price for new steel. And most metal shops seem more interested in recycling their metal then selling cheaply to the public.

Well i finally found some reasonably cheaped steel, it was free. It was the only bit he had and just gave it to me. Its got a little rust on it from sitting around. Obviously ill sand the rust off. And providing i can weld it with no leaks, and dont need tank liner (that stuff is dear), is it advisable to put some coating on the inside?

Do you guys leave the inside of a fuel tank with bare metal? I guess if i painted it that could eventually come off, causing the same result as a rusty tank.

Or does the fuel keep the rust at bay? The bike is a 2 stroke so dunno if that helps (oil in fuel)
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