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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

took a half a inch off my tuned pipe last night. Makes a Huge difference in the ride today. Now it revs freely from take off to over 6000. I haven't pushed any harder, but it seems to go like mad now. I don't have the four stroking I used to have at the lower revs.

I am glad I did not weld the whole pipe together when I reassembled my tuned pipe last time. I now have a bike that can get out of its own way.

I will check it out tomorrow with the GPS and see if my top end has improved, but even if it doesn't go any faster just the way it pulls really makes riding so much more fun.

Something else I did and have to note is that I have to put lock tight or double bolted all of my hardware on my bike. I had to find four more nuts for my gas tank because it came loose yesterday.

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