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Red face Newbie needs help on how to drive

So I just purchased two bikes from a person who modified them using the 50cc two stroke kit. I drove one when I was purchasing them and once I got it to work it was fun. But I had to dismantle it a little and drain the gas to get it into my car. When I put the bike back together and put some gas and some oil in it - I can't get it to start.

What should the oil/gas ratio be?
Where should I set the choke?
Should the fuel line shut off arrow point to the carberator or to the gas tank?

I really just have no idea how to get these things moving - I don't know much about engines or bikes for that matter. But when I had this thing going the other day it was a blast and I had to buy it. Please help.

The bicycle itself is a schwinn with two brakes (front and rear) and the bike also has seven gears.

I understand that I'm supposed to get peddling a bit, while holding the clutch down, then I'm supposed to let out the clutch and apply some throttle. It tries to start - but it doesn't.
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