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Default Re: No need for speed

You will likely get the extra speed you are looking for by simply getting rid of those stock mufflers or at least knocking all the junk out of them and drilling 4-5 3/8" or larger holes in the bottom of it so the engine can breathe better.

Originally Posted by leftywoody View Post
I have 2 identical Black Stallion 66cc motors on 2 differant 26 inch bikes . One tops out at 22 to 25 MPH and the other tops out at maybe 20 or less both start easy and idle great . The clutch isn't slipping . The breaks are not dragging the kit sprockets are the same . The slower bike has not enough miles to be considered broke in . The faster bike has . The slower bike was accidentally run for a while with a very rich oil/gas mix and I thought it might have clogged up the muffler but I haven't checked it yet . Is that a good place to start and will break in increase speed 5 to 7 mph ?
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