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Default Re: engine siezed - fix or replace?

Originally Posted by rohmell View Post
BGF's warehouse is in California, and he can't ship to California. Yet the kits can be shipped to him in California from overseas.

I tell you, the laws are all effed up.
Yes, CARB is a out of control non elected CA agency run by
a crazy lady that doesn't care if CARB regs mess up CA.
CARB = CaliforniaAirResourcesBoard

Huh? Having non CARB motors in a CA warehouse is one thing.
Selling them to a CA user who is going to run the motor in CA
is quite another.

GasBike aka KingsMotorBikes is also in Van Nuys CA and they
don't ship to CA either.

The fine for them would be large.

These Chinese 2 stroke bicycle motors will never be CARB approved.

Only CARB approved motors that we use on bicycles I can think of are
Honda GX 25, 35 and 50 cc
Robin Subaru 25 and 35 cc
Harbor Freight 79 cc and larger 4 strokes

Harbor Freight 2 strokes
Tanaka Purefire
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